Call for Nominations: American Academy of Advertising Fellow

Dear Colleagues,

The Academy Fellow Nominating Committee welcomes your nominations for the 2024 American Academy of Advertising Fellow. The Nominating Committee is composed of the three most recent past Presidents of the Academy, and this year consists of Sela Sar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Harsha Ganga (University of Colorado), Eric Haley (University of Tennessee).

The Fellow is the Academy’s most prestigious award, and every Fellow has made substantial contribution to the general objectives of the Academy as stated in Article II of our constitution,

The list of objectives is found below. Evidence of contribution to these objectives is found in the following accomplishments:

  1. Principal responsibility for publication of significant contributions to advertising scholarship in recognized journals or in book form; and

  2. Recognition of a nationally known academic or practitioner who has contributed notably to the value and importance of advertising education; and

  3. Significant service contribution to advertising education at the college, university, or professional level. 

Any member of the Academy may nominate another member. Nominee must be a current member of the AAA at the time of nomination and time the award is presented. The nomination should be in letter form and include the individual's full name and contact information as well as evidence of outstanding achievement in the three areas listed above. Since this is the Academy's most prestigious award, we expect that the nomination packet to reflect the award's importance. Please send your letter as an email attachment to Sela Sar ([email protected]) with the subject “AAA Fellow Nomination” no later than Wednesday November 1, 2023.

Here is a list of past AAA Fellows:

The general objectives of the Academy are: 

  • To provide an organization through which all persons interested in advertising education may coordinate their efforts to advance academic and professional advertising. 

  • To assume leadership, especially in academic circles, for an objective and realistic appraisal of the functions and responsibilities of advertising in modern society. 

  • To strive for increased recognition by both educators and industry professionals of the value of and need for professional education programs for advertising. 

  • To stimulate research in advertising, especially research about professional educational programs for advertising. 

  • To develop closer liaison with academic disciplines with which advertising is concerned, not only in such primary fields as business administration, communications, journalism, and public relations, but also in the behavioral sciences, humanities, and other liberal arts areas. 

  • To encourage closer cooperation among teachers of advertising for the development and better use of teaching materials and methods, for the expansion of recruiting programs, and for sponsorship of scholarships and internships, in order to attract and to develop talent for the field of advertising. 

  • To develop closer liaison with the many organizations associated with the advertising industry.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 


Sela Sar

Past-President and Chair of the Nominating Committee
American Academy of Advertising