Registered scholars of the conference will have to rank your 1st and 2nd choices of places to visit. Below are the company descriptions of the 4 choices:

Weibo is the leading social network service provider in China. Although it always be regarded as a replicate of Twitter, it now formulates a completely different business ecosystem rooted in the reality of China. According to the annual financial report of 2018, the MAUs of Weibo in December 2018 is 462 million and the net revenue of the 4th quarter of 2018 is 481.9 million dollars.
A phenomenal Internet company for its rapid growing in recent years. Founded in 2012, ByteDance now gains an estimated value of 75 billion dollars. Its globalization strategy was launched in 2015. In 2018, one of its products Tiktok, a short video App, become the most popular App in Japan, Thailand etc., according to the data from App store and Google Play. From an analysis released in June, 2018, another products of ByteDance, Toutiao (an customized information recommendation products) now gains more than 7 hundred million subscribers
MI. You may have heard it before. Established in 2010, MI is a company focusing on electronic products especially intelligent hardware. According to the report of IDC, MI ranks the 4th among cellphone manufactures worldwide (and the 2nd in China next to Huawei) with a sales volume of 120 million. And it is of great significance that MI burgeons on its successful marketing practice of building brand communities.
Baidu is usually known as the largest Chinese search engine with a market value of about 60 billion dollars. Whereas in recent years, Baidu shifts the focus onto artificial intelligence. It released a body of AI products among which the automatic driven car Apollo gains extensive attention.