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  • ICORIA CONFERENCE 2024 - EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE, MAY 22. Thessaloniki, Greece, June 27-29, 2024. Click here for conference and registration information.

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  • New JCIRA podcasts have been posted. Listen to them on the YouTube Playlist, the RSS website, or by keyword searching:

    • Engagement with luxury brands through Instagram
    • Advertising messages for nondrinkers
    • Optimal scale length in advertising research
    • Guilt, shame, and self-construal in health advertising
    • Anti-Asian racism activism on Twitter
    • Streamer and platform characteristics in live-streaming E-Commerce

    ." Each episode is an open-access, two-minute, layman’s language summary of a paper to be published in JCIRA in the first issue of 2024

  • AAA Statement of Solidarity with our International Students

  • AAA Statement of Solidarity with our BIPOC Colleagues

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