Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the Academy and is the final authority for all policies of the Academy. The Executive Committee is composed of the current AAA Executive Committee Members.

  • President: Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu, DePaul University
  • President Elect: Sigal SegevFlorida International University
  • Vice President: Hye Jin Yoon, University of Georgia
  • Secretary: Courtney Carpenter Childers, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Treasurer: Robyn Goodman, University of Florida
  • Immediate Past President: Sela Sar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Executive Director: Debbie Treise, University of Florida

 Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends candidates for the Academy's Distinguished Service Awards, Kim Rotzoll Award for Advertising Ethics and Social Responsibility, "Sandy" and Billy I. Ross Awards. Nominates and selects annual Outstanding Contribution to Research awardee.

Chair: Karen M Lancendorfer, Western Michigan University ([email protected])

  • Jef Richards, Michigan State University 
  • Joe Phua, Southern Methodist University
  • Leslie Carlson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
  • Charles R. Taylor, Villanova University 
  • Herbert Jack Rotfeld, Auburn University 
  • Jisu Huh, University of Minnesota 
  • Tom Reichert, University of South Carolina 

 Communications Committee

This ad-hoc committee is responsible for overseeing the associations' communications.

Chair: Matthew Pittman, University of Tennessee ([email protected])

  • Anthony (HoYoung) Ahn, Pepperdine University, Newsletter Editor
  • Alvin Zhou, University of Arizona 
  • Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin, National Chengchi University (Taiwan) 
  • Justin F. Willett, University of Missouri 
  • Eunseon Kwon, Texas Christian University 
  • Tae Hyun Baek, Sungkyunkwan University (Korea) 
  • Frauke Hachtmann, University of Nebraska–Lincoln 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Executive Committee on handling of monies and audits the Academy finances. Members may not be on the Executive Committee currently or in the past three years.

Chair: Jorge Villegas, University of Illinois Springfield ([email protected])

  • Terry Daugherty, Indiana State University
  • Tom Kelleher, University of Florida
  • Joe Phelps, University of Alabama 

Global and Multicultural Committee (f/k/a International Advertising Education Committee) (GMC)

The Global and Multicultural Committee is responsible for examining the proper role of the Academy in international advertising education.

Chair: Chen Lou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ([email protected])

  • Mengtian Jiang, University of Kentucky 
  • Jun Heo, Louisana State University 
  • Jooyoung Kim, University of Georgia 
  • Yuhmiin Chang, National Chengchi University (Taiwan) 
  • Sidharth Muralidharan, Southern Methodist University 
  • Sydney Chinchanachokchai, University of Akron 
  • Wonsun Shin, University of Melbourne (Australia) 
  • Jiyoon (Karen) Han, San Diego State University 
  • Jong-Hyuok Jung, Texas Christian University 
  • Carl Jones, Royal College of Art (UK)
  • Sun-Young Park, University of Massachusetts Boston 
  • Anan Wan, Kansas State University 
  • Joanna Strycharz, University of Amsterdam 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes membership in the Academy.

Chair: Regina Ahn, University of Miami ([email protected]) 

  • IIwoo Ju, Purdue University 
  • Yang Feng, University of Florida 
  • Shiyun Chloe Tian, Sacred Heart University 
  • Quan Xie, Southern Methodist University
  • Jihoon (Jay) Kim, University of Alabama 
  • Nancy Brinson, University of Alabama
  • Jihye Kim, University of Kentucky

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of officer nominations, conducts the election, and recommends candidates for Academy Fellows. Consists of the past three Presidents of the Academy.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee makes policy, oversees Academy publications (including the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Interactive Advertising), and selects the annual Journal of Advertising Best Article Award. By AAA Constitution By-laws (Article I-7), comprised of nine members, serving staggered four-year terms.Committee memberships all change at the end of the business meetings of each year's annual conference and terms run to the year shown in the brackets next to each member's name. 

Chair: Cynthia Morton, University of Florida ([email protected])

  • Michelle Nelson, University of Illinois (2024) 
  • Nathaniel Evans, University of Georgia (2024) 
  • Ron Faber, University of Minnesota (2024) 
  • Saleem Alhabash, Michigan State University (2025)
  • Herbert Jack Rotfeld, Auburn University (2025) 
  • Heidi Hennink-Kaminski, University of North Carolina (2026) 
  • Alyse Lancaster, University of Miami (2027) 
  • Steve Edwards, Southern Methodist University (2027)

Research Committee

The Research Committee encourages research by members, solicits applicants for Academy research grants and dissertation awards, and selects the awardees.

Chair: Mark Yim, University of Massachusetts Lowell ([email protected])

  • Kasey Windels, University of Florida (2027) 
  • Itai Himelboim, University of Georgia 
  • Colin Campbell, University of San Diego 
  • Joonghwa Lee, University of North Dakota
  • Joseph Chang, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
  • Rick T. Wilson, Texas State University 
  • Glenna Lee Read, University of Georgia 
  • Juliana Fernandes, University of Florida
  • Linwan Wu, University of South Carolina 
  • Aida Mokhtar, International Islamic University Malaysia 
  • Jeong-Yeob Han, University of Georgia 
  • Hojoon Choi, University of Houston 
  • Osnat Roth-Cohen, Ariel University (Israel) 
  • Eunjin (Anna) Kim, Univesity of Southern California 
  • Ewa Maslowska, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Kathrynn Pounders, University of Texas at Austin 
  • Kacy Kim, Bryant University 
  • Yoon Hi Sung, University of Oklahoma 
  • Huan Chen, University of Florida 
  • Philip Kitchen, University of Salford 
  • Heather Shoenberger, Penn State University
  • Guolan Yang, Oakland University 
  • Eun Yeon Kang, Kutztown University
  • Nathaniel J. Evans, University of Georgia  

Ad Hoc Graduate Student Interest Committee Committee

Chair: Jameson Hayes, University of Alabama[email protected]
  • Kevin Wise, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Louvins Pierre, University of Connecticut 
  • Hyehyun (Julia) Kim, University of Florida 
  • Prativa Subedi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Yang (Josie) Zhou, University of Alabama, 
  • Kirby Cook, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Khalid Alharbi, University of South Carolina
  • Joanna Stroyarch, University of Amsterdam 
  • Sophia Mueller, University of Florida 
  • Greg Song, University of Texas
  • Minjeong Kim, University of Tennessee 

Ad Hoc Committee Diversity and Inclusion

Chair: Ed Timke, Michigan State University ([email protected])
  • Padmali Rodrigo, Northumbria University (UK) 
  • Naa Amponsah Dodoo, Emerson College 
  • Chang Dae Ham, University of Illinois 
  • Teresa Mastin, Michigan State University 
  • Karen King, University of Georgia 
  • Yoon Joo Lee, Washington State University