March 6-9, 2025

Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Competitive Research Papers

You are invited to submit Competitive Research Papers relevant to any and all aspects of advertising for presentation at the 2025 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Conference and for publication in the AAA Conference Proceedings. All research related to any of the various aspects of advertising and marketing communication will be considered. Please note that the AAA uses the term advertising in a broad sense. We also respect all research methodologies. All submissions are subject to blind review competition, and only completed papers (no proposals or abstracts) will be considered for acceptance to the conference. Authors of accepted papers must publish an abstract of the paper for the online proceedings, available on the American Academy of Advertising website. All papers can be published in full in other publications or journals at a future date.

The rating criteria for Competitive Research Papers are as follows:

  • Fit with the Mission and Vision of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA)
  • Methodology
  • Readability
  • Contribution to the Field
  • Overall Rating

All submissions may not be under consideration at other journals or conferences. You may consider the AAA review process complete when notices of acceptance/rejection are received. Papers should not exceed 30 typed, double-spaced pages in length, including references, appendices, tables, etc. This page limitation will be strictly enforced. Be sure to delete all identification of the authors in the file properties
and track changes functions prior to submission. Use the Journal of Advertising style to format citations. Submit your paper in Word format only; do not submit a PDF.

To be considered for the Best Student Paper Award, papers must be led by a student and written primarily by students. Papers can be co-authored with a faculty member(s), but student(s) should be the main contributors (first author). Once the student-led paper becomes a contender for this award, we will contact the co-author professor(s) to confirm.

In addition, AAA has established the Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Conference Paper Award. This annual award is designed to honor and encourage excellence in DEI scholarship and education and enhance the visibility and actions supporting DEI in advertising scholarship and education. Authors may self-nominate for this award when they submit their paper to the annual AAA conference by checking the designated box in the ConfMaster submission platform. For more information about the Best DEI Conference Paper Award, please check

The rating criteria for Best DEI Conference Paper Award are as follows:

  • Fit with the Mission and Vision of the Academy while advancing DEI in advertising research and education
  • Methodology (all research paradigms are welcome, including theoretical think pieces)
  • Readability (clearly recognizes, explains, and analyzes the nuances of relevant DEI issues)
  • Contribution to the Advertising Field (theoretically grounded, with meaningful practical implications, and goes beyond the description of a DEI program/initiative or experience)
  • Overall Rating

When you upload a paper submission onto ConfMaster, you will see a statement specifying that at least one author of the paper agrees to register for and attend the conference in order to present the paper in-person. A remote presentation (e.g., Zoom or a recorded video) is not an option. Only an author listed on the paper is eligible to present at the conference. Failure to present an accepted competitive paper in person will result in the paper being withdrawn from the conference program and proceedings. You must agree to this statement in order to submit.

Submitting authors should check a box indicating whether their paper meets the conditions to be considered a student paper.

Every author should log in and update their profiles in ConfMaster, specifically their personal keywords. All authors, whether first or otherwise, should be prepared to help review papers submitted to the AAA conference.

Special Topics Sessions

You are invited to submit proposals for Special Topics Sessions that cover an entire meeting period (usually 90 minutes). These sessions are designed not only to offer information, but also to stimulate discussion and debate among panelists and audience members. Special Topics Sessions tend to focus on key issues of importance to advertising education and practice (e.g., current practitioner issues, creative topics, and/or pedagogical matters) and are not the venue for competitive research papers. Preference will be given to proposals that are not simply a compilation of research papers by different authors put together in a session. Further, preference will be given to proposals that involve and attract advertising educators who might not typically be interested in sessions that focus solely on refereed research. As such, the Academy is willing to provide “waivers” for industry participants who will be attending only a Special Topic Session (non-academics and individuals who have not been AAA members) of both AAA membership dues and registration fees. This waiver is only good for the specific session. If you would like to use these waivers, you must provide the specifics in your proposal.

A submission should include the following: (1) a clear rationale for addressing the topic over an entire meeting period and/or through contributions from several presenters, (2) the value of the session to conference attendees, including why such a contribution is not likely to be available elsewhere at the conference, (3) names and specific roles of all participants, (4) details of how the session will be conducted under a unifying theme, including contributions of the various participants and (5) how conversations can be continued beyond the actual session.

Since, by nature, Special Topics Sessions cannot be blind reviewed, a panel will judge all submissions. The rating criteria are as follows:

  • How current is the topic?
  • How well will it attract attendees to the session?
  • How well thought-out is the proposal?
  • Are the proposed participants appropriate and qualified for this topic?
  • How strongly do you believe this session should be included in the program?

Preference will be given to proposals providing complete information.

When you upload the special topics session proposal, you will see a statement specifying that upon acceptance of the Special Topics Proposal, all presenters listed in the proposal should attend their session and present in person. Remote presentation (e.g., Zoom or video recording) or replacement is not an option. Failure to present an accepted Special Topics session in person will result in the paper being withdrawn from the conference program and proceedings. You must agree to this statement to submit the special topic session proposal. Special topic chairs are responsible for generating a one- to three-page summary after the conference for inclusion in the online Proceedings.

Deadline for Submissions

Electronic submissions ( will be accepted beginning September 1, 2024, and must be received no later than 11:59 PM EDT, October 1, 2024.

Questions? Please direct them to the appropriate person as follows:

Competitive Research Papers

Professor Chang-Dae Ham, Vice President AAA
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
[email protected]

Special Topics Proposals

Professor Jameson Hayes, President-Elect AAA
University of Alabama
[email protected]

General questions about the conference

Professor Sigal Segev, President AAA
Florida International University
[email protected]

We look forward to your submissions and hope you can attend the 2025 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.