Proceedings Instructions

Now it is time to plan to submit your Proceedings for 2020

Please submit by June 15, 2020, but read these instructions carefully as they are new....

Thank you for presenting your work at our 2020 virtual conference. We are now ready to compile the official conference Proceedings. This year, we've simplified the process.

Since most authors only publish an abstract, we can simply use the original abstract submitted with your paper back in the fall for the Proceedings. Recall that publishing an abstract in our Proceedings does NOT prevent you from submitting your work to journals.

If you don't wish to simply use the abstract, you still have the option of publishing a full paper or extended abstract in the Proceedings if you wish. Instructions for those options are provided. If you publish the full paper, you may be precluded from submitting it elsewhere, depending on the policies of the outlet to which you send it.

In deciding whether to publish an abstract or a full-length paper, you may be interested to know that the AAA has agreements with both EBSCO and ProQuest to have your paper(s) included in their databases, making them accessible by researchers all over the world! Consequently, I encourage you to seriously consider the merits of publishing a full paper instead of just an abstract or extended abstract.

  • Extended abstracts can be up to 4 pages in length and typically provide more details about the method and results than an abstract. Extended abstracts typically have references too, which are to be put in Journal of Advertising style at the end of the extended abstract. Abstracts and extended abstracts do NOT have tables.

Please tell us what you plan to do:

  • If you are happy with your original abstract and want us to use that, you need to do nothing!
  • If you want to make simple changes to the abstract (content of abstract, author names/affiliations), or want to use an extended abstract or full paper, then you must submit it by June 15, 2020.
  • Special Topics and Pre-conference leaders need to submit a summary of their session by June 15, 2020.
  • All changes or new material must be submitted in Word, by June 15, 2020, to [email protected].

Please mark your calendar as we hope you will submit to our 2021 conference to be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, next March 2021. Calls for that conference will be forthcoming in early summer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

Full papers should adhere to the style required for the Journal of Advertising.