2021 American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference

March 18-20, 2021 ~ Virtual

 Conference Schedule

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  • Registration:
  • Cost*:
    • Regular members - $175
    • Student members - $75
    • Pre-conference for full conference attendees -  $10 per session + Conference Registration
    • Pre-conference session only -  $25 per session and must be a current AAA member

*Early bird registration ended on February 25, 2021. Registration fees increased by $25 after that date.

*General registration ends on Tuesday, March 16, 2021*

Pre-Conference Sessions

This year there are two pre-conference sessions scheduled for Thursday, March 18. 

From Celebrity Endorsements to Influencer Marketing: Current Topics and Research Opportunities - 9 a.m. EDT

This half-day pre-conference is about celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing/advertising. A burgeoning body of recent research has ventured into the largely uncharted waters of a new marketing phenomenon – social media influencer marketing, or influencer advertising – to shed light on the effect of influencer marketing on consumer behavior and brand promotion. Interestingly, research on celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing seem to share some overlapping concepts. For instance, researchers from both realms have investigated the roles of source credibility, sponsorship disclosure, and/or parasocial relation between celebrities/influences and their fans/followers in consumer reactions and advertising effectiveness. This panel brings together researchers from both arenas to start a dialogue and discuss important commonalities, differences, current topics and opportunities for future research.

During this pre-conference, ten panelists, along with their co-authors, will cover a variety of topics related to celebrity endorsement or influencer marketing through two 90-minute sessions. The first session discusses theoretical building in celebrity endorsement and its connection with influencer endorsement. In so doing, it lays the foundation for a joint discussion between researchers from both areas and spurs theoretical debates. The second session unravels the status quo of research in influencer marketing through multiple theory papers and empirical studies using varied methodology. Our panelists will elaborate on how some emerging theoretical arguments applicable to influencer marketing may advance or challenge existing theories and discuss directions for future research.

Click here to see panel participants.


Your Successful Career: Doctoral Student and Junior Professor Symposium - 1 p.m. EDT

The American Academy of Advertising (AAA) invites all PhD students and junior (pre-tenure) faculty to join us for a half-day symposium on “Your Successful Career.” The symposium will be hosted by three Past Presidents of the AAAs who have all led successful programs. They will be joined by a number of other AAA members, who will share their unique perspectives on achieving career success in the academy. The symposium will feature three panels: your research career, moderated by Dr. Marla Royne Stafford (University of Nevada-Las Vegas); your teaching career, moderated by Dr. Kim Sheehan (University of Oregon); and your overall career, moderated by Dr. Joseph Phelps (University of Alabama).

Registered members will have an opportunity to submit questions to the moderators before the symposium. This will ensure the panels will discuss issues of importance to our newer members.

Panel 1:

Your research career: moderated by Dr. Marla Royne Stafford, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

This session will provide a lively discussion on topics related to developing your research stream, building research relationships, the difference between research and publishing, research grants, and navigating the review process. The panelists include rising star Dr. Nate Evans (University of Georgia); distinguished researcher Dr. Jisu Huh (University of Minnesota); JCIRA Editor Dr. Barbara Phillips (University of Saskatchewan), and JA Editor Dr. Shelly Rodgers (University of Missouri).

Panel 2:

Your teaching career: moderated by Dr. Kim Sheehan, University of Oregon

Topics we will discuss in this section include teaching versus research schools, developing an area of teaching expertise, unique challenges of teaching creative and social media classes, how to manage teaching time to give you enough time for other pursuits. Tentative participants in this panel will include Dr. Padmini Patwardhan (Winthrop University), Dr. Glenn Griffin (University of Colorado) and Dr. Matthew Pittman (University of Tennessee), as well as Dr. Stafford and Dr. Phelps.

Panel 3:

Your overall career: the job search and the tenure process: moderated by Dr. Joseph Phelps, University of Alabama.

This session will provide doctoral students and junior faculty with insight into successfully navigating the hiring and tenure processes. The panel members bring a wealth of experience to share. Two of the panelists, Tom Reichert (University of South Carolina) and Terry Daugherty (Indiana State University), have extensive administrative experience at both the departmental and college levels, and two of the panelists, Nancy Brinson (University of Alabama) and Sydney Chinchanachokchai (University of Akron), who went through the hiring process relatively recently, are currently navigating the tenure process.


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Information for Presenters / Moderators

Sessions will be conducted via zoom. Each presenter will have a maximum of 14 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions and answers. Presentations should be a PowerPoint slide show.

Presenter Instructions

Moderator Instructions


Contact the AAA President at [email protected]