How to Submit for Conference Consideration

Use these instructions for submissions of both:

  • Competitive Research Papers
  • Special Topics Submissions
  • Download How to Prepare Your Submission For Confmaster HERE.
  • Go to.
  • Create a free Confmaster account and make note of your password.This year, everyone must create a new account unless you have done so since July 2020.
  • Each author (including all co-authors) and each person on a Special Topics Session must have an individual Confmaster account
  • Read the specific Call for Conference Papers and Proposals for Special Topics Sessions to which you wish to apply.
  • Prepare your document for attachment removing any title page, author affiliations, all names in the body, in track-changes, and in the document properties.
  • Obtain information on each of your co-authors that is required.
  • When you provide your own lead author information, you should list all of the authors in the order you wish them to be printed in the official program should your paper/session be accepted.
  • Save and upload your Paper or Special Topics document.
  • Submit and watch for e-mail confirmation of your submission. Your confirmation e-mail may take 10 minutes or more to generate.