AAA 2025 Call for Proposals for Pre-Conference Sessions

March 6-9, 2025

Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2024

You are invited to submit a proposal for a full- or half-day pre-conference session concerning a topic important to you, your colleagues in the field of advertising, and the Academy. A pre-conference session is the perfect venue for a dialogue of ideas and/or an exploration of new opinions and approaches regarding advertising research and education.
A complete proposal should be submitted no later than August 31, 2024, to AAA President, Sigal Segev at [email protected], for review by the Executive Committee. Please put “Pre-Conference Proposal” in the subject line of your email.
The preconference will take place Thursday, March 6, 2025, with the full conference running from opening reception that evening through noon, Sunday, March 9 at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Proposals should clearly indicate whether the session will take place over a full day or half day and must specify a rationale for the program, possible participants, and the timing and progression among topics. Preference is given to programs that will interest a number of AAA members and possibly attract new participants or attendees to the conference. Some past topics can be revisited. The proposal should also include “how” you plan to promote the pre-conference session.
The proposals must also include a statement that all presenters agree to register for the pre-conference and conference itself. Waivers of the registration fees for special participants such as advertising professionals or non-faculty may be requested on a case-by-case basis, and requests for all waivers must be included in the proposal. Following the conference, the pre- conference chair(s) will submit up to a two-page summary of the presentations to be published in the Conference Proceedings.
Past pre-conference session topics have included:

  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Advertising and Mass Communication (2024)
  • How to Develop a Successful Journal Submission: Advice from Editors and Leading Experts (2024)
  • Changing Tides: How Advertisers Are Shifting Their Gender Portrayals in Commercial Communications (2023)
  • Doctoral colloquium - A Compass to Help Navigate the Academic Landscape Early on in Your Career (2023)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Advertising Research, Teaching, and Practice (2022)
  • Advertising in the Metaverse (2022)
  • From Celebrity Endorsements to Influencer Marketing: Current Topics and Research Opportunities (2021)
  • Doctoral Student and Junior Professor Symposium (2021)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advertising (2020)
  • Big Data for Social Media Advertising Research: Opportunities and Challenges (2019)
  • Time's UpTM/Advertising Education (2019)
  • Digital Advertising & Ethics: Research, Teaching, and Practice (2018)
  • IMC in Transmedia Era: Voices from Industry (2018)
  • Market Research, Consumer Insight, and Creativity (2017)
  • Toward a New Discipline of Computational Advertising (2017)
  • The AAA/EAA Joint Doctoral Colloquium (2017)
  • Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about All Aspects of the Academic Publication Process, But Never Asked (2016)
  • Your Brain on Advertising: Psychophysiological and Neuroscientific Approaches to Studying Advertising Effects and Processes (2016)
  • The Rise of Native Advertising: An Exploration of Its Impact on Advertising, Journalism, and the Consumer (2015)
  • Beyond Student Samples: Overcoming the Challenges (2015)
  • Teaching with Social Media: A Hands-On Look (2015)
  • Advertising Agencies: Work and Discipline (2015)
  • Obtaining Funding for Your Research: Grant Writing and Outreach Strategies for the Advertising Researcher (2014)
  • Big Data for Advertising Research and Education (2014)

Pre-conference proposals and any questions concerning such proposals should be directed to:

Sigal Segev
2024 AAA President
Florida International University
[email protected]
Debbie Treise
AAA Executive Director
University of Florida
[email protected]
We look forward to your submissions and hope to see you in the 2025 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.