Best Papers

Best Conference Paper

Sophia Mueller, University of Miami; Cynthia Morton, University of Florida; Benjamin Johnson, University of Florida; Charles R. Taylor, Villanova University; Jon Morris, University of Florida
"Can portraying empowered women really empower women? Development and validation of a women’s empowerment through advertising (WETA) scale"

Daniel Bruns, Steffen Prior, Tobias Langner
“Influencer Marketing Effectiveness: Automated Measures of User’s Social Media Engagement toward Influencer Posts as Indicators of Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes” 

Elisabeth Van den Abeele, Ghent University; Liselot Hudders, Ghent University; Ini Vanwesenbeeck, Tilburg University - Click here to access interview. 
“The Emergence of Momangers and the Digital Identity Construction of Kidfluencers: A Qualitative Study with Kidfluencers and their Parents” 
Jing Yang, Loyola University and Juan Mundel, Depaul University
"We Are All in This Together: Brand Opportunism in COVID-19 Cause Related Marketing and the Moderating Role of Consumer Skepticism"

Yang Feng, San Diego State University; Huan Chen, University of Florida; and Hoyoung "Anthony" Ahn, Pepperdine University
"Consumer Responses to #Me-Too Inspired Advertising: Real Social Media Data and Self-Report Data"

Jennifer Ball
"The Role of Emotional and Cognitive Trust in Perceived Risk: Effects of Emotional and Functional Benefits in Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising"

Ilwoo Ju, Saint Louis University, and Hyunmin Lee, Drexel University
"Information or Deception? Effects of Disclosure Language and Prominence on Consumers’ Vigilance about Native Advertising Disclosure"

Rick T. Wilson, Taewon Suh, Won-Seop Shim, and Hyeong-In Gim
"Advertising to the Masses: The Effects of Crowding on the Attention to place-Based Advertising"

Nathan Evans and Dooyeon Park
"The Effects of Format, Topic Knowledge, and Experience on Advertising and Brand Recognition for Paid Search Advertising"

Tae Hyun Baek, Chan Y. Yoo, and Sukki Yoon
"The Impact of Augmented Reality on Self- Branded Connections and Purchase Intentions"

Tilottama Ghosh Chowdhury, Camelia Micu, Srinivasan Ratneshwar, and Eunjin Kim
"Differential Effectiveness of Promotion vs. Prevention Messages in Acquisition vs. Forfeiture Decision Tasks"

Kasey Windels and Mark Stuhlfaut
"Confined Creativity: The Influence of Creative Code Intensity on Risk Taking in Advertising Agencies"

Cong Li, Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai, and Gonzalo Soruco
"Perceived 'Hispanicness' Versus Perceived 'Americanness': A Study of Brand Ethnicity"

Lu Zheng and Joe Phelps
"Revising the Transportation-Imagery Model and Expanding Understanding of Persuasion via Narrative Ad"

Tae Hyun Baek and Lijiang Shen
"The Effects of Message Framing and Counterfactual Thinking in Anti-Binge Drinking PSAs"

Anna McAlister and T. Bettina Cornwell
"Preschool Children's Persuasion Knowledge: The Contribution of Theory of Mind and Siblings"

Scott Dunn and Janas Sinclair
"The Effect of Narratives on Perceptions of Parasocial Relation and Candidate Trust in Political Ads"

Hyung-Seok Lee and Chang-Hoan Cho
"Sporting Event Personality: Scale Development and Sponsorship Implications"

Joo-Young Kim, Jon D. Morris, and Joffre Swait
"The Six-Construct Model of True Brand Loyalty"

Ki-Young Lee and Hairong Li
"Alternative Measures of the Effectiveness of 3-D Advertising"