Best Student Papers

Stefan Rohrbach, University of Wuppertal; Daniel Bruns, University of Wuppertal; Tobias Langner, University of Wuppertal
“When Swiping Bites Back: Why Atypical Smartphone Swiping Increases Attention but Decreases Brand Memory” 

Deepti Khedekar, University of Colorado Boulder
“Parental Awareness of their Children’s Media Consumption, Online Behavioral Advertising, and Online Surveillance” 

Yong Whi Greg Song and Jiemin Looi, University of Texas at Austin - Click here to access interview. 
“Call Me by Your Brand Image: Assessing How the Satan Shoes Scandal Affected Nike's Brand Image”

"ASMR in Advertising and Its Effects: The Moderating Role of Product Involvement and Brand Familiarity"
Boyoung Kim and Hayoung Sally Lim, University of Texas at Austin

"When Cause-Related Marketing Meets Controversy: The Role of Consumers–Brand Congruence and Consumers-Celebrity Congruence"
Khalid Alharbi, Joon Kyoung Kim, Chris R. Noland, and Jackson Carter, University of South Carolina

"Narrative Message and Virtual Reality: The Impact of Telepresence and Transportation on Consumer Learning in the Real Estate Industry"
Chen Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Industry Credibility Matters in CSR Communication: Examining the Interplay of Industry Credibility and CSR Message Type"
Rachel Lim and So Young Lee, University of Texas-Austin

"The Interplay between Visual Metaphor and Verbal Message in Advertising"
Yuhosua Ryoo, Yongwoog Jeon, Tae Rang Choi, University of Texas at Austin

"Consumers' Multiscreening Viewing Behavior, Reporting, and Effects: An Eye-Tracking Study"
Claire M. Segijn, University of Amsterdam

"Multitasking with Second Screen Media: The Persuasive Effects and Underlying Mechanisms of Multiscreening "
Claire M. Segijn, University of Amsterdam

"Effects of Ironic Advertising on Consumers' Attention, Involvement and Attitude"
Taemin Kim and Okhyun Kim, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

"The Effect of Arousal Level and Image Presentation on Ad Element Recall"
Okhyun Kim and Hyejin Kim, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

"The Influence of Sender Trust and Advertiser Trust on Multi- Stage Effects of Viral Advertising"
Soyoen Cho, Jisu Huh, and Ron Faber, University of Minnesota

"Advertisement Placement in TV Programs: Different Roles of ELM and Mood Protection Mechanism"
Mayank Jyotsna Soni, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India