Doctoral Dissertations

AAA Doctoral Dissertation Grant Competition


Evgeniia Belobrovkina, University of Missouri
"Exploring the Views of Cultural Competence and Pertinent Experiences of Strategic Communication Practitioners Who Have Ever Participated in Developing Public Service Advertisements Against Domestic Violence in the United States"

Woojin Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"When Humans Anthropomorphize Nonhumans: Examining the Role of AI Interactivity and Human Motivations,"

Fanjue Liu, University of Florida
"Being There with My Virtual Gang! Navigating Multi-Actor Digital Engagements: Extending Social Presence and Examining Consumer Responses to Co-Endorsements"

Yan Wang, Hong Kong Baptist University
"Empowering Older Adults in Influencer Communication: Effectiveness of Sponsored Disclosure and Family Mediation on Attitudinal Outcomes"


Maral Abdollahi (U of Minnesota) Advisor: Dr. Jisu Huh
"Consumers' Reactions to Virtual Social Media Influencers and Strategic and Ethical Implications for Advertising"

Youngjee Ko (U of Georgia) Advisor: Advisor: Dr. Hye Jin Yoon
"Can influencer marketing create “blind spots?” The impact of influencer marketing tactics on consumer skepticism and evaluation of misleading eco-label products"

Jinhee Seo (U of Oklahoma) Advisor: Advisor: Dr. Doyle Yoon
"More Attractive than Expected? Effectiveness of the Embodied Virtual Agent in Online Shopping Recommendation: Moderation effect of capability and mediation effect of trust"

Colin Piacentine (U of South Carolina) Advisor: Dr. Linwan Wu
"Understanding Podcast Advertising Processing and Outcomes: An Analysis of Podcast Ad Types, Delivery Methods and Genres on Consumer Responses"


Xiaohan (Catherine) Hu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Click here to access interview.
“Exploring the Role of Control in Digital Advertising Effectiveness”
Susanna Lee, University of Florida - Click here to access interview.
“Can Soothing ASMR Reduce Advertising Avoidance? Experimental Investigations of the Influence of Endorser and Modality Type on Advertising Effectiveness”
Khalid Alharbi, University of South Carolina - Click here to access interview.
“The role of followers-social media influencers relationship in consumers' perceptions and responses to influencer's endorsement”
Buduo Wang, University of Texas at Austin - Click here to access interview.
“Too depleted to see ads: Examining the impact of ego depletion on advertising effectiveness”

Amanda S. Bradshaw, University of Florida
"Our Ultimate Hope or Something Sinister:Social Media Advertisements, Digital Discourse with Physicians, and Maternal Source Credibility Perceptions of Pro-vaccine Messages during a Global Pandemic"

Alexander Carter, University of Tennessee "
An Examination of the Role of Advertising and Self-Disclosure in the Twitch Streamer-Viewer Parasocial Relationship"

Busayo Anthony Olarotimi, Nottingham Trent University, UK
"Role of Media in the Execution of Creative Advertising Ideas: Rhetoric Theory Perspective"

Marilyn Primovic, University of Georgia
"Thou Shall Discern? Religious Native Ad Processing & Outcomes"

Shuoya Sun, University of Georgia
"How Do Arousal Spike Position, User Control, and Ad Position Affect Responses to Online In-Stream Video Advertising"

Amelie Joassard, IAE School of Management, University of Lyon, France
"Advergames Legitimacy: An Investigation of The Effects of Brand-Game Congruence on Attitudes and Behaviors Before Playing The Game"

Nadine Elisa van der Waal Msc, Tilburg University, Amsterdam
"Immersive Health Advertising: Antecedents and Persuasive Effects of Virtual Body Ownership"

Nah Ray Han, University of Georgia
"The Influence of Digital Crowding and Perceived Privacy on Advertising with Anthropomorphic Characters in Social Media"

Vaibhav Shwetang Diwanji, Florida State University
"Development and Validation of an Instrument to Measure the Effectiveness of Consumer Generated Non-Sponsored Branding on Purchase Decisions"

Summer Shelton, University of Florida
"Improving Representations of Disabilities in Advertising: Recommendations for Change"

Taeyeon Kim, University of Georgia
"The Effects of Influencer Type (Micro versus Macro Influencer) and Brand Placement Type on Consumer Responses to Influencer Advertising"

Regina Ahn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Consumer Socialization of Children: Exploration of Parental Media Literacy and Mediation Strategies for Advertainment Content Featuring Media Characters"

Tae Rang Choi, The University of Texas at Austin
"Artificial Intelligence Assistants as Brand Advocates: The Relationship Between Voice-enabled AI’s Self-disclosure and Consumer Attachment Styles"

Joseph T. Yun, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
"Analyzing the Boundaries of Balance Theory in Evaluating Cause-Related Marketing Compatibility"

Yongwoog Andrew Jeon, University of Texas at Austin
"Listening to health messages as future self: Impact of mental time travel on self-verification and effectiveness of health messages"

Rahnuma Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
"Effects of Interface Type, Ad Type and Product Type on Consumers’ Psychological Responses in VR Marketing: Mediating Roles of Presence and Flow"

Seunghyun Kim, University of Oklahoma
"The Effects of Ad-block Wall Reactance on Unconscious Native Ad Processing and News Media Brand Evaluation"

Joshua Coleman, University of Memphis
"The Ambivalent Effects of Giving Back: Exploring the Self-Regulation of Guilt and Pride in Advertising for Cause-Related Marketing"

Jing (Taylor) Wen, University of Florida
"Facing Anger Versus Fear: How Message-induced Emotions Restore Feeling of Control in Risk Communication"

Anneroos R. Smink, University of Amsterdam
"How Augmented Reality Transforms the Persuasion Process: Antecedents and Persuasive Effects of Consumers’ Use of Augmented Reality Apps"

Pradnya Joshi, Mchigan State University
"The Ability of Brand Name Sounds to Metaphorically Convey Environmental Friendliness"

Eunseon (Penny) Kwon, University of Missouri
"Consumers' Social Media Advocacy Behaviors of Luxury Brands: An Explanatory Framework"

Allison Lazard, The University of Texas at Austin
"Photo Manipulation: The Influence of Implicit Visual Arguments on Dual Processing"

Soojn Kim, University of Florida
"The Attitudinal and Behavioral Effects of Pictorial Metaphors in Advertising: Considering Need for Cognition and the Mediating effect of Emotional Response""

Jihye Kim, University of Florida
"The Effect of Message framing on Health-Related Decisions: The Moderating Role of Severity and Temporal Outcome and the Mediating Role of Repose Efficacy"

Heewon Im, University of Minnesota
"The Effects of Prescription Drug Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on the Medication Adherence of Patients with a Chronic Disease"

Yan Shan, University of Georgia
"The Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Do Perceived Similarity, Membership Prestige, and Argument Quality Foster the Emergence of Trust"

Hongshuang (Alice) Li, University of Maryland
"Attribution Modeling and Optimal Resource Allocation in Online Environment"

Eunjin (Anna) Kim, University of Missouri
"The Why and How of Narrative Advertising: An Integrated Process Framework"

Jinhyon Kwon Hammick, University of Florida
"Building Brand-Consumer Relationships on Facebook Pages: Effects of Socialness in Brand Communications and the Control on Consumer Feedback"

Jinnie Yoo, University of Texas at Austin
"Bicultural Identity Negotiation and Patriotic Consumption: The Influence of National Identity Activation on Responses to Patriotic Advertising Appeals Among Asian Americans"

Nate Evans, University of Tennessee
"Activating Parents "Persuasion Knowledge in Children's Advergames: Testing the Effects of Advertising Breaks and Cognitive Capacity."

Heather Schoenberger, University of Missouri
"Worth the Risk? Online Behavioral Targeting and Consumer Data Disclosure Decisions"

Sun-Young Park, University of Florida
"Interplay of Social Distance, Regulatory Focus and Involvement in Anti-high-risk Drinking Advertising: The Role of Construal Level Theory"

Laurie Phillips, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"A Qualitative Analysis of the "It Gets Better Project" through the Matrix of Domination"

Sungwon Chung, Texas Tech University
"Motivated Cognition in Video Games: The Influence of Emotional Video Game Content on Cognitive Processing of Billboard Advertisements Embedded in First-Person Shooter Games"

HoJoon Choi, University of Georgia
"The Role of Self- and Functional Congruity in Food Advertising: A Model Test of Key Antecedents, Mediators, and Outcomes"

Sheetal Patel, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"The Effects of Affective Expectancies on Persuasion and Prosocial Behavior Intentions"

Y-Hsin Yeh, University of Texas at Austin
"The Influence of Brand Relationships Norms on Consumer Perceptions of Brand Transgressions: Implications for Brand Crisis Management Strategies"

Taejun Lee, University of Tennessee
"The Role of Regulatory Focus in Consumers' Response to Disclosures in Financial Services Advertising"

Lu Zheng, University of Alabama
"The Impact of Narrative Focus, Vividness of Product Depiction, Mental Imagery Ability, and Need for Cognition on Transportation in Narrative Advertising"

Soyoen Cho, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
"Viral Advertising Effects and Trust as an Influencing Factor"

Hye Jin Yoon, University of Georgia
"Humorous Reappraisal of Threat Information: The Effects of Humor and Issue Involvement in PSAs"

Clinton Amos, University of North Texas
"The Impact of Visceral Influences on Consumers' Evaluation of Weight Loss Advertising"

Hyunjae Yu, University of Georgia
"Food Advertising and Children: Understanding the Role Television Advertising Plays in Conflicts between Parents and Children Regarding Healthy Food Choices"

Courtney Carpenter, University of Alabama
"What is Most Important to Kids? Developmental Differences in Response to Spokescharacter Appearance and Behavior Associated with Nutritional Content of Food Products in Advertisements Targeting Children"

Stevie Watson, Mississippi State University
"The Relevance of Skin Tone: Viewers' Responses to Black Models in Advertising"

Juran Kim, University of Tennessee
"Developing an Integrated Model of Interactivity in the Context of Travel Related Websites"

Carlos Valdez, Monterrey Tech/University of Florida
"A New Theoretical Construct in Advertising: The Cognitive-Affective Mix"

Federico de Gregorio, University of Georgia
"Forgotten but Not Gone: Implicit Memory as a Complimentary Measure of Brand Placement Effectiveness in Movies and Video Games"

Gergely Nyilasy, University of Georgia
"Practitioner Theories at the Advertising Agency and Client Advertising Department"

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