Journal of Advertising Awards

Best Article


Lars Bergkvist & Martin Eisend (2023)
"Changes in Definitions and Operationalizations in Advertising Research—Justified or Not?"
Journal of Advertising, 52:3, 468-476, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2022.2077268


Chen Lou (2022)
"Social Media Influencers and Followers: Theorization of a Trans-Parasocial Relation and Explication of Its Implications for Influencer Advertising"
Journal of Advertising, 51:1, 4-21, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2021.1880345

Tyler Milfeld, Eric Haley, and Daniel J. Flint - Click here to access interview.
"A Fresh Start for Stigmatized Groups: The Effect of Cultural Identity Mindset Framing in Brand Advertising," 50(5), 603-621.

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, Meng-Hsien (Jenny) Lin, Russell N. Laczniak
"Evaluating Adolescents’ Responses to Internet Ads: Role of Ad Skepticism, Internet Literacy, and Parental Mediation" - 49(3), 292-308

Edward C. Malthouse, Yasaman Kamyab Hessary, Khadija Ali Vakeel, Robin Burke, Morana Fudurić
"An Algorithm for Allocating Sponsored Recommendations and Content: Unifying Programmatic Advertising and Recommender Systems" - 48(4), 366-379

Meng-Hsien (Jenny) Lin, Samantha N.N. Cross, Russell N. Laczniak, and Terry L. Childers
"The Sniffing Effect: Olfactory Sensitivity and Olfactory Imagery in Advertising" - 47(2), 38-54

Patrick T. Vargas, Brittany R.L. Duff, and Ronald J. Faber
"A Practical Guide to Experimental Advertising Research" - 46(1), 101-114

Martin Eisend and Farid Tarrah
"The Effectiveness of Advertising: A Meta-Meta-Analysis of Advertising Inputs and Outcomes" 45(4), 519-531

Susanne Schmidt and Martin Eisend
“Advertising Repetition: A Meta-Analysis on Effective Frequency in Advertising” - 44(4), 415-428

Kathryn A. LaTour, Michael S. LaTour, and Charles Brainerd
"Fuzzy Trace Theory and "Smart" False Memories: Implications for Advertising" - 43(1), 3-17

Judith Anne Folse, Scot Burton, and Richard Netemeyer
"Defending Brands: Effects of Alignment of Spokescharacter Personality Traits and Corporate Transgressions on Brand Trust and Attitudes" - 42(4), 331-342

Guillaume D. Johnson and Sonya A. Grier
"What about the Intended Consequences?: Examining the Effects of Race-Stereotyped Portrayals on Advertising Effectiveness" - 41(3), 91-106

B. R. L. Duff and R. J. Faber
"Missing the mark: Advertising avoidance and distractor devaluation" - 40(2), 51-62

Shintaro Okazaki, Barbara Mueller, and Charles R. Taylor
“Measuring Soft-Sell Versus Hard-Sell Advertising Appeals” - 39(2), 5-20

Hyeonjin Soh, Leonard N. Reid and Karen Whitehill King
"Measuring Trust in Advertising: Development and Validation of the ADTRUST Scale" - 38(2), 83-103

Michael L Capella, Charles R. Taylor, and Cynthia Webster
“The Effect of Cigarette Advertising Bans on Consumption: A Meta-Analysis” - 37(2), 7-18

Stephen J. Grove, Les Carlson, and Michael J. Dorsch
“Comparing the Application of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in Magazine Ads Across Product Type and Time” - 36(1), 37-54

James H. Leigh, George M. Zinkhan, and Vanitha Swaminathan
“Dimensional Relationships of Recall and Recognition Measures with Selected Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Print Ads” - 35(1), 105-122

Edward F. McQuarrie and Barbara J. Phillips
"Indirect Persuasion in Advertising: How Consumers Process Metaphors Presented in Pictures and Words" - 34(2), 7-20

Minette E. Drumwright and Patrick E. Murphy
"How Advertising Practitioners View Ethics" - 33(2), 7-24

Julie Ruth and Bernard L. Simonin
"Brought to You by Brand A and Brand B" - 32(3), 19-30

Barbara J. Phillips and Edward F. McQuarrie
"The Development, Change, and Transformation of Rhetorical Style in Magazine Advertisements, 1954-1999" - 31(4), 1-13

Marla Royne Stafford, Tomas F. Stafford, and Ellen Day
"A Contingency Approach: The Effects of Spokesperson Type and Service Type on Service Advertising Perceptions" - 31(2), 17-36

Joyce M. Wolburg
"The 'Risky Business' of Binge Drinking Among College Student: Using Risk Models for PSAs and Anti-Drinking Campaigns" - 30(4), 23-39

Ruth Anne Weaver Lariscy and Spencer F. Tinkham
"The Sleeper Effect and Negative Political Advertising" - 28(4), 13-30

Brian D. Till and Terence A. Shimp
"Endorsers in Advertising: The Case of Negative Celebrity Information" - 27(1), 67-82

Amna Kirmani
"Advertising Repetition as A Signal Of Quality: If It's Advertised So Much, Something Must Be Wrong" - 26(3), 67-82

Avery M. Abernethy and George R. Franke
"The Information Content of Advertising: A Meta-Analysis" - 25(2), 1-17

Cele Otnes and Linda M. Scott
"Something Old, Something New: Exploring the Interaction between Ritual and Advertising" - 25(1), 33-50

Dean M. Krugman, Glen T. Cameron and Candance McKearney White
"Visual Attention to Programming and Commercials: The Use of In-home Observations" - 24(1), 1-12

Barbara B. Stern
"A Revised Communication Model for Advertising: Multiple Dimensions of the Source, the Message, and the Recipient" - 23(2), 5-15

Teresa J. Domzal and Jerome B. Kernan
"Mirror, Mirror: Some Postmodern Reflections on Global Advertising" - 22(4), 1-20

Patricia A. Stout and Roland T. Rust
"Emotional Feelings and Evaluative Dimensions of Advertising: Are They Related?" - 22(1), 61-71

Lawrence C. Soley and Robert L. Craig
"Advertising Pressures on Newspapers: A Survey" 21(4), 1-10

Darrel D. Muehling, Russell N. Laczniak, and Jeffrey J. Stoltman
"The Moderating Effects of Ad Message Involvement: A Reassessment" - 20(2), 29-38

Peggy J. Kreshel
"John B. Watson at J. Walter Thompson: The Legitimation of 'Science' in Marketing" - 19(2), 49-59

David W. Stewart and Scott Koslow
"Executional Factors and Advertising Effectiveness: A Replication" - 18(3), 21-32

Roberto Friedmann and Mary R. Zimmer
"The Role of Psychological Meaning in Advertising" - 17(1), 31-40